Your company trade mark is a vital asset of your company and brand name. Registering your trade mark formally provides your company with an exclusive right to use and license it. We have registered thousands of trademarks since we started as a business, and are highly experienced in dealing with trade mark matters.

 Our Services for Trademarks Include:

- Selection Service                                               - Opposition
- Search                                                                - Licensing
--  Registration/ Filing                                             - Change
- Watch/ Protection                                               - Seizure
- Renewal

Trade mark Selection Service
With various options and names, it can be confusing and difficult to come up with your own mark. We provide assistance to help you decide on a unique name for your business, guide you through the process and search for existing trademarks, so that you will not face any legal problems in the upcoming future.

Trade Mark Search
Conducting a thorough trademark search before you have registered your business is always advantageous. This ensures that your mark is not similar or identical to any marks that have already been registered.


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