Notice of the Office of Company Registrar  with an objective to make the services fast and convenient (August 10, 2020)

Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Supply

Notice of the Office of Company Registrar

Date: August 10, 2020

This notice is published to inform everyone concerned about this matter. From August 17, 2020, OCR will be operating as per the following arrangements with an objective to make the services of OCR fast and convenient.

  1. For the registration of the new company from 17th August 2020, the documents submitted by the company via online shall be considered authentic for further work. Thus except for proposed MOA and 2 copies of AOA other detailed documents are not necessary.

For the company registered this way, there will not be any file set up specifically in the office, so next time if any work for the company is to be done, it shall be done on the basis of documents presented online and archived electronically.

  1. All type of companies (Old/New) who needs to submit their annual statements, auditor’s report including all other details as per the Companies Act, 2063 from now onwards shall submit via online only. No need to submit hardcopy separately. But the company shall keep such details along with original documents in their registered office.
  2. For the registration of share records, the company shall submit it online to the office. After the recording of registration by the office one copy of such a record shall be taken by the company and other scanned copy shall be archived electronically in the office.

As per the Companies Act, 2063 matters related to the share registration book is prepared by the company itself, so if there is any difference in the details, the company itself is answerable.

  1. If there is a difference on the data record entered by the company and scanned copy of the office then it shall be updated according to the decision taken by the Board of Directors and then it shall be communicated to the office.

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