Supreme Court Notice on Lockdown (August 6, 2020)

Supreme Court Notice on Lockdown (August 6, 2020)

On the matters regarding the work and services and the management of the flow of services on the courts, during the spreading of the infectious coronavirus (COVID-19). The Supreme Court held the full meeting on 20th March 2020  and as per the decision of the meeting and many other meetings following that date it is well known that the work and service flow of the courts has been limited.

In a condition where the notice issued by the Supreme Court on 23rd July 2020 is in existence which stated that; Without affecting the order of the grand full bench of Supreme Court given on 15th May 2020 on the matter relating to end the lockdown as per the decision of the Councils of Ministers and resuming the service of public vehicles within the district. The client who needs to be present on the Courts and judicial bodies within the district shall be present within 30 days excluding the days to travel from the date of 19th July 2020. And as the private and public transportation for a short distance, traveling from one district to another district as well as domestic and international flights is to be resumed from 17th August 2020. The clients traveling to courts and judicial bodies from different districts shall be present within 30 days excluding the days to travel to meet the deadlines and dates.

Although the services have been rendered as mentioned above but due to the increment of the infection of the COVID-19  virus,  different districts and municipalities have released notices for lockdown and prohibition which has affected the services of courts as well, thus the services of the court have been limited.

Also with the increment of infection within Kathmandu, a few days ago one of the employees of the Supreme Court was infected by the virus because of which the crowd of the clients must be controlled to minimize the risk of the infection. Thus except the work and services which are very important other services of the court must be postponed for a few forthcoming days.

Therefore due to the above-mentioned conditions and background, it seems desirable to limit the work and services of the Courts to minimize the risk of infection and to operate courts following the criteria of health standards as determined. Thus the court will only provide the services of a very important nature such as Registration of Habeus Corpus and its hearing, Registration of writ and its hearing and discussion on Interim order, registration of appeals and application, hearing of cases of imprisoned, hearing on the application of revision. Hence the court will operate in a manner giving priority to these works.

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